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Flo-Gro 500

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The Flo-Gro is a top flooding  Ebb & Flood system.


The Flo-Gro is a top flooding Ebb & Flood system that uses a timer to control the number of floods the plant receives per day. Plants sit in a planter, filled with clay pebbles, placed above a nutrient solution tank.

Based on Ebb & Flood principles; solution is automatically pumped from the tank to FLOOD the planter and then ebbs (drains) away. Plants receive all the nutrients and water they need as well as superb oxygen access; because every time the system ‘drains’, oxygen is pulled down into the root zone.

When used with clay pebbles the Flo-Gro creates an incredibly healthy, oxygen-rich root zone, thanks to the free draining nature of the medium. The ideal environment for long term plants.