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Wilma 16 Pot System (Atami)

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The Wilma ensures that your plants are supplied with a nutrient solution in professional way, so the plants lack nothing and can perform optimally. Watering manually is therefore no longer necessary in these growing systems.

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Dimensions:  121.5 cm x 109 cm x 44.5 cm
Tank content: 140 Litre
The Atami Wilma is an active hydro system offering the precision and control of hydroponic feeding combined with the flexibility of growing in pots. Inspired by drip irrigation the Wilma is the most versatile system on the market.Pots are placed on a support tray that rests on a nutrient tank and periodically nutrient solution is delivered to each plant through a dripper to each pot. So for those of you who chose to grow in pots you can now save yourself hours and hours of work and automate your feeding. If you don’t want to grow the number of plants supplied with the system simply remove some of the pots!
There is a choice of 5 sizes and each one is supplied with a choice of drippers making them compatible with any media you want to grow in.