Canadian Xpress Clone Start 1Ltr

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Packed full of nutrients & natural vitamins which are readily available by spraying Clone Start directly onto the leaves to penetrate the cuticles which will carry the full complement of nutrients directly where needed.


The newly cut clone has no roots so is not able to uptake nutrients & vitamins in the usual way.

Clone Start has a brand new approach to diseases called Induced Resistance.  This approach involves stimulating the plants own immune system so that it is more readily able to deal with pathogens.

Naturally, the plants immune system is dormant when there are no diseases present.  But, when diseases attack, the plant will start production of the antibody type substances which deal with the attackers.  In the case of clones, however, they are suffering a tremendous amount of shock and are unable to produce enough of these chemicals.  This is where Clone Start takes over.  The clone is stimulated to produce these antibodies which protects itself.