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Ecolizer Top Up (600ml, 1200ml & 5 Litre)

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Stimulates the maturing of buds, flowers and fruits.



Ecolizer Top-Up is the ultimate bud-hardener to stimulate the maturing process of among others buds, fruits and flowers. The product is based on botanical extracts and minerals and has a 100% natural formula.

A unique mix of botanical hormones stimulates the plant to start the maturing process. It ensures that all strength of the plant at the end of the growth cycle is directed towards the fruits and flowers.

At the end of its lifecycle, the plant is always a little weaker. Ecolizer Top-Up gives the plant extra power and resistance at the end of its growth cycle. The result is a large bud, fruit or flower with a considerable weight.

Ecolizer Top-Up is ready for use with soil, hydro and cocos. Use Ecolizer Top-Up only at the end of the growth phase, in the last 3 weeks of the bloom phase. A combination of Ecolizer Top-Up and PK 13/14 is not recommended.

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