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Heavy Duty 24 Hour Timer Grow Gadgets

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The GrowGADGETS timer is here! Heavy duty 24 hour grow light timer, can operate up to 6 x 200w CFL lamps or 1 x 600w HID Ballast, 15 minute timing intervals. Do not use more than one 600w ballast per timer.

  1. Ensure timer is disconnected from mains.
  2. Push down the segments according to how long you require the light to stay on.
  3. Turn the timer dial until the pointer is set to the correct time.
  4. Plug in your light to the timer to the main socket and switch the socket on.
  5. The timer can be overridden by moving the switch on the side.

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Heavy Duty 24 Hour Timer Grow Gadgets

The Grow Gadget 24 Hour Plug In Timer is ideal for setting day and night on/off lighting period as well as setting a heater on periods and timing irrigation cycles. It is reliable and has a high quality timer unit. This timer has been designed to take a 13 amp plug so there is no need to remove the plug to reset the controls. There are 96 switching operations within a 24 hour period (every 15 minutes). It is ideal for setting on and off (day and night) periods with CFL and T5 as well as LED grow lights and timing pumps for irrigation cycles.