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Liquid Oxygen (Various Sizes)

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The well known cleansing and oxygenating agent for hydroponic systems.



Liquid Oxygen contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is a highly unstable molecule. It will quickly break down in the nutrient tank releasing a free atom of oxygen. This oxygen atom is extremely reactive and will attach itself to either another atom, forming a stable oxygen molecule, or attack a nearby organic molecule, such as a virus or fungal spore. Liquid Oxygen can eliminate existing diseases and help to prevent future ones.

  • Liquid Oxygen adds extra ions of pure oxygen to the nutrient tank – regular use leads to enhanced growth rates.
  • Liquid Oxygen helps to control root diseases and pathogens right in the tank – uninterrupted growth means healthier plants.
  • Liquid Oxygen can be used, at a higher concentration, to clean and sterilise hydroponic systems between crops as well as pots and benches in the greenhouse or elsewhere.

It is highly recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses when handling Liquid Oxygen. If it gets onto the skin it will sting for a few minutes and white patches will appear. These white patches are very short lived however and will have disappeared in a few minutes.

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