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RhinoHobby Filter (Various Sizes)

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Rhino Hobby carbon filters feature a swappable bottom and duct-coupler and they should be turned around every 8-12 weeks to even out the wear ensuring the filters last for their full 9-12 months expected lifespan.



  • Rhino Hobby – the new budget range from the best maker of carbon air filters in the world
  • Reversible duct-coupling end – end should be swapped around with the bottom every 8-12 weeks for max lifespan
  • Lifespan: 9-12 months as long as filter is reversed every 8-12 weeks
  • Removes particles and odours from your grow-room
  • Made with 100% RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon – the best in the world
  • Aluminium housing for robustness and low weight
  • Fits onto 8″ (200mm) ducting or onto a 8″ (200mm) extractor with a 8″ (200mm) fast-clamp
  • Perfectly matches the RVK 8″ (200mm) L1 extractor fan for size and air flow

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