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Sensi-Grow A & B (1L & 4L)

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The most successful growers have spent many years relying on Sensi Grow to give their plants the edge during grow phase. Your plants use the nutrients in Sensi Grow to reward you with rapid growth, lush foliage, and sturdy structure. This 2-Part base is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.



Ingredient #1 ensures that the nutrients in this formulation get into your plants as quickly as possible.

Ingredients #2 and #3 are humic and fulvic acids. These organic acids give your plants an edge when it comes to growing quicker, stronger, and bigger… with less stress… than with any other formulation.

Ingredient #4 completes the package because it’s the bodybuilding secret that gives your plants bigger, more potent buds!

Ingredient #5 is, of course, the actual plant-maximizing nutrients themselves.

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