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SMSCOM Hybrid Controller 4amp

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Ideal solution for those looking for the quietest running extractor fans as it creates no buzzing or humming from any type of extractor.

The Hybrid Controller is plug and play, so no wiring is needed. Just plug in your fans, set the desired temperature and minimum fan speed, and the Hybrid Controller will take care of the rest.

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  • Uses software controlled temperature sensing technology combined with a mechanical system for controlling fan speed.
  • Designed to maintain a constant temperature inside your room whilst keeping airflow under control at all times. 

Once you have set your desired temperature level and minimum fan speed, the Hybrid Controller will automatically create the perfect climate by automatically adjusting the fans speed over a series of up to 5 steps (2 steps for the 2 ampere controller). Negative air pressure is ensured through the perfect synchronisation of both fans.